• Location

    Alicante, Spain
  • Product

    Piedra Coto and Piedra Coto-Ocre
  • Supply

    3.400 m²

Explanada de Alicante

In the centre of Alicante, Pavex Coto-Ocre Natural Stone stands out for its essential Mediterranean style. Born of the earth, today it plays a starring role on the floor that covers the emblematic Explanada de España.

A broad esplanade opening up under a pristine blue sky reflected in the waters of the Mediterranean has today become one of Alicante’s pivotal points thanks to the presence of Pavex Coto-Ocre Natural Stone by Levantina. Extracted from the Monte Coto quarry, directly from the bowels of the mountain, its intense natural ochre colour is a magnificent choice as part of the most leading-edge urban planning. Contemporary style and tradition come together in this extensive public space, where stylised palm trees provide the touch of green that brings a desert oasis to mind.
The proud refurbishment of this space could never be understood without the presence of Pavex Coto-Ocre, nor without its kerbs in Piedra Coto by Levantina. More than 3,400 m2 of floor space with a suitable finish for outdoor use, which adds an extra dimension of safety to its intrinsic beauty. The subtle washes present in this gorgeous Natural Stone makes each one of the slabs different from the next: all of them tell a different story, created second by second over thousands of years.


  • Piedra Coto

    Pavex Colours
  • Piedra Coto-Ocre

    Pavex Colours
  • The Pavex Coto-Ocre that decks out the Explanada de España gives shape to a space inspired in a millennial tradition

  • The reflection of Alicante’s light on the Pavex Coto-Ocre floor dazzles with its elegance

  • The Explanada de España is a touchstone in contemporary urban planning

  • The Explanada de España is a touchstone in contemporary urban planning

  • The Explanada de España is a touchstone in contemporary urban planning


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