• Location

    Pozuelo de Alarcón
  • Product

    Caliza Capri Limestone
  • Supply

    1.000 m2

Family House In Madrid

The elegance of white and the serenity of Natural Stone work in tandem to create the shell of this family house. The architecture adopts the premise of minimalism and power thanks to the white Caliza Capri limestone by Levantina.

Situated in the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón, in the province of Madrid, this exclusive family house shines brightly with an architecture that is an enhancement of formal equilibrium and the absence of ornamentation. The design chooses all-encompassing white, cutting out the outline of the house against the sky and generating a beautiful contrast with the black accents of the door and balcony façade. The material chosen for the cladding of the house was Caliza Capri imestone, a magnificent, intensely white material that is so resistant to outdoor conditions that it becomes the best option for cladding quality façades.
The project, which was completed in 2016, features a ventilated façade with intermittent anchoring points, made from a thousand square metres of Caliza Capri limestone by Levantina. This type of façade provides a high degree of insulation and is a sustainable, eco-friendly solution that finds a fantastic ally in Natural Stone. The straight volumes of the house are reflected and continued in the arrangement of the exterior cladding pieces, which create a regular and discreet lattice. The rough finish of the stone echoes the most restrained architecture and is a true tribute to the natural origins of this material.


  • Capri

    White limestone and sandstone
  • 1,000 m2 of Caliza Capri Limestone envelop the façade of this residential complex

  • White on blue. Caliza Capri limestone shines with its own light against the natural background of the sky and enhances the simplicity of a flawless architecture.

  • This magnificent architectural design increases its visual interest thanks to Caliza Capri limestone by Levantina, an elegant, top-performing material.


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