• Location

    Medellín, Colombia
  • Product

    Azul Noche, Negro KR and Marrón Emperador
  • Segment


Isagen Energía Productiva

Marble and granite give the interior spaces of this modern office headquarters in Medellín an elegant seal of identity. A perfect balance between functionality and the incomparable beauty of natural materials.

The new headquarters of Colombian company Isagen, designed by Arquitectos e Ingenieros Asociados and inaugurated in 2012, responds to the “green building” concept by contributing to the planet’s environmental sustainability. Guided by this philosophy, the project demonstrates an efficient use of natural resources and a meticulous selection of materials in accordance with this sustainability principle when adorning the interior of the building, which features a significant presence of natural stones used as cladding, flooring and ornamental elements. The innate elegance and restraint of Azul Noche and Negro KR granite and Marrón Emperador marble is ubiquitous throughout the office building in conjunction with their mechanical resilience and hardness, designing spaces that are highly functional, modern and very elegant thanks to their chromatic hues and rich finishes. Warm browns with light seams, luxurious blacks and intense and relaxing blues adorn the common zones, offices and bathrooms, giving a strong identity to this project covering an approximate area of 25,000 m2 and looking out over Medellín with a vegetation wall on its facade and a green terrace on its top level.


  • Marrón Emperador

    Brown Marble
  • Azul Noche

    Blue granite
  • The interior space of these offices transmits a balanced and harmonious elegance thanks to the use of marble and granite

  • The chromatic play of intense browns, blacks and deep blues gives warmth and personality to these offices

  • The chromatic play of intense browns, blacks and deep blues gives warmth and personality to these offices


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