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    Techlam Kalos Bianco y Techlam Slate Ebony
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Meliá Hotels

The new spaces of the Meliá Tryp Alicante and Meliá Castilla Madrid hotels are striking in their contemporary elegance. The presence of Techlam Kalos Bianco and Techlam Slate Ebony is one of the keys to the success of these magnificent reforms.

First impressions are crucial in any space, even more so in projects where aesthetics are fundamental. This is the case with the inspired reforms carried out in two emblematic hotels, Meliá Tryp Alicante and Meliá Madrid Castilla, with the choice of two versions of an emblematic material that stands out for its quality: Techlam by Levantina. In the lobby of the Meliá Tryp Alicante, this most exclusive porcelain material dazzles thanks to the contrast created by the combination of Techlam Kalos Bianco and Techlam Slate Ebony. The elegant, timeless pairing of black and white visually amplifies the space and fills it with glamour, in a style further enhanced by the very high ceilings and the designer luminaires.

The bathrooms of the Meliá Castilla Madrid Hotel are another setting where Techlam shimmers with its own light. Kalos Blanco, the model chosen for these spaces, creates a pure white sheet crisscrossed by natural-looking delicate grey veins. Its spectacular surface is perfect for cladding the bathroom walls of this exclusive hotel, bringing to them the classic timelessness of marble and the magnificent resilience and maintenance features offered by Techlam porcelain material. In these reforms, the alliance between Levantina and Meliá succeeds in creating spaces where classicism is never at odds with modernity, resulting in ambiences with a long-lasting, unforgettable vocation.


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    Slate Collection
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    Stone Collection
  • Black islands on a white ocean: the organic combination of Techlam Kalos Bianco and Techlam Slate Ebony builds aesthetically unforgettable worlds.

  • The spacious and luminous surfaces clad in Techlam Kalos Bianco transform these magnificent bathrooms into perfect spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Lobby of Meliá Tryp Alicante


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