• Location

    Dublin, Ireland
  • Product

    Rojo Águila and Rosa Faro
  • Architect

    Enda McDonagh

O2 Headquarters

The central offices of O2 in Dublin possess the beauty of well-proportioned buildings. Their architecture is contemporary, in line with current trends yet with the timeless elegance of authentic materials.

Balanced shapes and straight lines define the construction of the O2 central offices in the Irish capital. Enda McDonagh, the architect behind the building, selected very authentic construction materials for the facade linings, in which indisputable beauty coexists with surprising technical qualities that are able to withstand the passage of time unfazed. Large glazed spaces give lightness to the facade, which is clad mainly in high-quality granite like the one from Levantina.
With regard to colours, a very apt combination was selected. On one hand we have the warm nuances of Rojo Águila granite, a gorgeous Natural Stone with a dark red appearance and a coarse grain revealing elegant grey brushstrokes as well as reddish hues. On the other, the luminosity of Rosa Faro granite with an even texture that is full of harmony. Both materials are in a flamed finish that gives them a great deal of resistance to the most adverse weather conditions, making them the perfect option for cladding external facades.

  • The lightness of glass contrasts with the assertiveness of Natural Stone in an architecture filled with harmony


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