• Location

    Valencia, Spain
  • Product

    Crema Beida
  • Architect


Palacio de Congresos de Valencia

A surprising architecture is the hallmark of Palacio de Congresos de Valencia. Fitted with latest-generation materials and technology, it stands proud in the city of the river Turia.

It was created by the prestigious architecture practice Foster+Partners, and this is apparent in its avant-garde conception of the space and in the choice of materials and structures that make it more sustainable and exclusive.
El Palacio de Congresos de Valencia features an unusual floor plan in which two long curved facades create a vast eye-shaped space. Inside it contains three auditoriums of different sizes as well as other halls and spaces, such as a great lobby that enjoys pleasant views over a garden. Moving back to the exterior, the building features an original roof comprised of a concrete frame upon which a metallic cladding appears to float.
The most unusual touch is the great canopy in which one end of the roof finishes, which protects the building from the sun. On the west side of the building, the facade has been clad in Crema Beida marble. As well as a timeless and elegant beauty, this Natural Stone features thermal and acoustic insulation properties while also protecting the interior from damp.

  • Striking architecture and quality materials are the keys to the success of this building in Valencia

  • Crema Beida marble combines a delicate appearance with the strength and resilience of its own structure


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