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    Piedra Coto
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    1.900 m2


The company Pikolín has opted for the most contemporary and functional architecture in its new facilities. Piedra Coto by Levantina shines on the outdoor paving and as wall cladding.

Its extreme resilience, the natural beauty of its color and its textured finish make Piedra Coto by Levantina the best choice for outdoor floors. The project for the new logistics facilities of the company Pikolín, built in 2016 in the Zaragoza Logistics Platform (PLAZA), decided to opt for the presence of this fine material to emphasize the clarity and elegance of the building’s exterior. The design is the work of the architect Francisco Lacruz, with the building works undertaken by the construction company ECISA. Purity of lines and functionality are its hallmarks.

The whiteness of the building’s straight volumes, which are superposed to create broad areas of clarity, is nuanced by the different textures and linear frameworks created by the cladding. In this regard, the presence of Piedra Coto (belonging to the PAVEX collection by Levantina) dazzles on the outdoor paving of the main entrance. Also chosen to clad the low entrance wall, highlighting the large red letters that form the company’s name-logo, its saw-cut finish breaks up the white uniformity and adds an element of interest. The white expanse of Natural Stone is delicately interrupted by an attractive pond in a linear design: as the only element that breaks up the ensemble, the sculpture in pleated Corten steel situated in the pond creates an attractive inflection point in the midst of the white uniformity.


  • Piedra Coto

    Pavex Colours
  • Nature, resilience and modernity come together in Levantina’s Piedra Coto to provide a singular skin for the building’s main entrance.

  • The steel in an oxidized finish of the sculpture situated in the pond creates a harmonious contrast with the textured white color of floors and cladding.

  • The straight lines formed by the arrangement of the pieces of Levantina’s Piedra Coto bring the necessary dynamism to the balanced uniformity of the cladding.


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