• Location

    Madeira, Portugal
  • Product

    Techlam® Hydra Wengué and Moss
  • Interiors

    Atelier Nini Andrade Silva

Savoy Saccharum

Impressive floors, an extraordinary spa and communal areas with an unmistakable designer touch. These are the hallmarks of the Savoy Saccharum, a space that is on-trend like few others and where Techlam® porcelain tiles are one of the key elements.

The architecture practice Atelier Nini Andrade Silva has opted for glamour and the most contemporary modernity for the Savoy Saccharum project. Its spaces are an example of how a love of luxury is not in the slightest at odds with class and style; the practice has largely achieved this balance through the judicious use of Techlam® thin porcelain tiles as floor and wall cladding. With a wide range of dark hues that aim to be neutral, this unusually resilient and beautiful material turns spaces into large canvases acting as a backdrop for comfort, relaxation and the decorative potential of water.
Techlam® Hydra Moss and Hydra Wengué are part of a highly appealing range of brown hues inspired by antique and fine woods. These colours go well with the black and grey glass mosaic, creating spaces that seek the pleasure of introspection. The bathrooms, the spa, the floors and the common areas of the Savoy Saccharum display a style halfway between minimalism and glamour: a step away from the monochromatic interiors of a few years ago, bringing us into a future full of splendour and elegance where Techlam® has earned a place of privilege.


  • Hydra Wengué

    Hydra Collection
  • The surface of the porcelain tiles covers the interiors of the Savoy Saccharum in softness

  • The choice of neutral colours and matt finishes is the sign of a skilled architecture professional

  • Techlam is a winning bet here

  • The choice of neutral colours and matt finishes is the sign of a skilled architecture professional


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