• Location

    Paris, France
  • Product

    Labrador Oscuro
  • Architect

    Rudy Ricciotti Architecte

T8 Tour Tolbiac

The facade of the T8 Tour Tolbiac stands out in Paris for its industrial and urban style. The bluish Labrador Oscuro granite gives it an indisputable modernity, emphasised by a bold play of volumes and textures.

The centre of Paris is constantly being reborn in a continuous flow of cutting-edge architectural modernity. The T8 Tour Tolbiac, designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti, forms part of a striking project situated in a privileged area of the City of Light. The two buildings that comprise the complex give form to an urban landscape that blends contrast and harmony, as differentiating as it is audacious. For cladding the facade of one of the volumes, a material was needed that would combine high-quality characteristics, particularly in such an emblematic project. The choice was polished Labrador Oscuro granite by Levantina, a Natural Stone in a dark bluish hue with the elegant luminous touches provided by the presence of labradorite.
The blue urban colour and the metallic flashes of the granite have become one of the hits of this singular project. The facade cladding, leading-edge yet classic, is attractive and resilient, with all the power that Natural Stone brings to avant-garde architecture. The innovative play of volumes that creates the building’s different storeys forms an asymmetrical yet balanced structure that reflects and symbolises the dynamic nature of a city as contemporary as Paris. Labrador Oscuro granite in a polished finish is the final detail for a risky and brilliant project.


  • Labrador Oscuro

    Blue granite
  • Play of lights: the changing volumes of the T8 Tour Tolbiac are nuanced by the presence of the restrained bluish-black colour of Labrador Oscuro granite

  • The use of Labrador Oscuro granite in contemporary architecture projects adds an extra touch of quality and nobility to the facades


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