• Location

    Dublin, Ireland
  • Product

    Silvestre GT
  • Supply

    1.200 m²

Trinity Long Room Hub

A modern intervention in an existing architectural ensemble. Such is this Irish cultural project, symbolising an architecture of progress with a fragmented design provided by a construction material impervious to the passage of time: Silvestre GT granite.

The timeless beauty of granite and its qualities as a construction material manifest themselves intelligently once more in this contemporary project: the new Humanities building of Trinity College in Dublin, ‘The cube room’, conceived as a space for thinking, establishing new connections and exhibiting collections. Completed in 2010 and located in the historic University of Dublin campus as a symbol of commitment to the future and the progress of such an emblematic educational institution, Silvestre GT granite clads the facade in its bush-hammered finish, giving it an imposing solidity, in a visual as well as a constructional sense. McCullough Mulvin Architects selected this material for its tremendous hardness, able to effectively withstand the adverse weather conditions of the Irish capital. The project transforms granite into a contemporary stone skin made up of large panels with a unique colour based on yellow and brown pigments, which become progressively fragmented to allow steel and glass screens to be interspersed throughout the whole volume. A powerful composition that gives the new building the appearance of a real-scale Lego creation. A highly transgressive constructional profile.


  • Silvestre GT

    White and grey granite
  • Silvestre GT granite gives solemnity to this modern intervention

  • Silvestre GT granite gives solemnity to this modern intervention

  • Silvestre GT granite gives solemnity to this modern intervention


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