Levantina’s commitment to the environment is based on the fundamental pillars of sustainable development and business ethics, covering the whole product lifecycle.

In the area of sustainability, Levantina focuses on answering clients' concerns about environment, giving them high-quality products with the added value of respect for the environment and the protection of human health. The products marketed by the company have obtained the following environmental awards, which may help any construction project to get LEED, BREEAM or VERDE certifications.

  • Treatment capacity


    liters of sanitary water per day.

  • Rejected natural stone is used


    for restoring and recovering locations.

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Levantina has a strong Logistics service which manages more than 150,000 deliveries per year in many different means of transport.



Innovation is a key element in Levantina’s strategy, investing considerable amounts in RDI aimed at providing innovative solutions in line with the latest market trends, using the most advanced technology.