The extensive Levantina catalogue of natural products and synthetic surfaces allows the creators of spaces to build unique and unrepeatable configurations with their applications thanks to a genuine natural product.

Floors, walls, countertops, stairs, tables, facades or swimming pools are some of the applications where Levantina products shine in all their splendour, resulting in ambiences of sublime elegance.

  • Interior walls

    Interior walls clad in Natural Stone almost turn into works of art. Murals designed by nature to create cutting-edge spaces. For its part, Techlam® is the perfect porcelain product for minimalist spaces.

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  • Interior floors

    Levantina products deck out the floors of any space in elegance and sophistication. Presented in different formats and finishes, their use brings to any ambience the textures and sensations innate to a natural product.

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  • Facades

    The facade is a key element in any construction given that it is the building's skin. Levantina has the perfect products for exteriors: limestones and sandstones, travertine, granite and Techlam®, which can be used on ventilated or cladded facades.

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  • Exterior floors

    The collections of limestones, sandstones, granites and travertines are especially recommended for exteriors thanks to their physical-mechanical properties that make these some of the most resilient products on the market.

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  • Countertops

    Levantina offers every consumer the ideal solution with a carefully selected range of kitchen countertops which will satisfy the highest expectations in terms of originality, exoticism, colours, beauty, strength and practicality.

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  • Tables

    The versatility of Levantina materials allows for the creation of all types of pieces adapted to customers' needs, such as made-to-measure tables or pieces.

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