Levantina moves all senses in Marmomacc and Cersaie

29 September 2016

Levantina's Natural Stone and the porcelain Techlam triumph in the reference shows

The renowned firm Ruiz Velázquez Arquitectos has designed the Marmomacc stand “PERCEPTION, The Origin of senses” for the Company. It is a place where design and functionality bind seamlessly. The five senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste) become emotions and experiences that stimulate us and create feelings that take us back to nature and the origin of everything. The stone, full of history, touches on our senses and stimulates them, creating a two-way link between location and people. It is here where architecture mediates between space and emotions, connecting the human being and nature.

A select color pallet offered by nature, presented exclusively by Levantina. Grey marbles that reminds of land covered in darkness, like the new Wild Mirage marble or the Amiata granite, always discrete, elegant and easy to combine. The current black and whites, in which subtle veins create one-of-a-kind shadows, Bianco Giulia and Negro Marquina. In addition, nature without modesty: the impressive quartzite Aquabella, majestic green of unseen elegance.

Techlam Gallery presents its new collections during Cersaie exhibition, in a exhibition with the name of INFLUENCES.

The new Techlam® collection originates from natural elements. The stone, with the new Slate collection, inspired in the texture of slate with slabstone effect, provides the most impressive naturalness. The wood and the cement merge as an essential element in the current decoration trends, and Techlam Wood Scrape manages this fusion of cement and wood in slabs with white and grey scales.

The winding shapes of space, inspired in the art of one of the ground-breaking minimalist artists and incredible exponent of Land Art, Richard Serra, remind us of his famous piece “Snake”, with steel blades that create a curve trajectory. With its 3-millimetre thickness, Techlam® by Levantina allows to recreate those folds, almost without joints, in a 3 metre size, creating the complete height of the curves.

The gallery has its own sculpture. In the centre of the space there is a work area with furniture designed with Techlam®'s Blaze collection, which conveys all the quality of state-of-the-art ceramics with the industrial charm of polished cement; specifically, Blaze Dark raises as a great representative of this elegant trend. It is here where the most architectural area is shown. The most domestic collection is Deco Colonial, inspired in a simple hydraulic, it renders a true tribute to these amazing pavements, reflecting on its porcelain surface letters and colors inspired in vintage designs.


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