Limestone and Sandstone

Limestone and sandstone are sedimentary stones with a very natural appearance, highly valued in construction for certain qualities that make them almost unique.

They exist in different colours and with different degrees of porosity, two of their distinguishing features. They all tend to feature a great wealth of animal and vegetable fossils, as the water action of oceans, rivers and lakes shaped their appearance and composition over millions of years.
Sandstone can be considered a type of limestone that is rich in sand and is compacted by a cement with a calcium carbonate or iron oxide base. The varying composition of sandstones gives rise to the different hues that the material can exhibit once it has been adapted to different formats for use in buildings.
Limestone and sandstone are highly valued stones by architects for a wide variety of projects, from fully-cladded facades to external flooring. In general, their non-slip and heat-resistant properties are highly prized.
In recent years, different coatings have been introduced that boost the inherent qualities of limestone and sandstone, some based on nanotechnology research.

Discover the colours of limestones and sandstones

Ochre hues dominate the colour palette of this Natural Stone collection.

  • Niwala White
  • Capri

Four shades of white that evoke the brightness of the Mediterranean: white limestone and sandstone always looks elegant and eye-catching.

  • Golden Shell
  • Niwala Yellow

An unmistakable coarse grain and ochre hue are the characteristics of the yellow sandstone cladding the facades.

  • Niwala Pink

The warm essences of the Mediterranean come together in Niwala Pink limestone. A Natural Stone with all the power of the desert shale.

Ambiences in limestones and sandstones

Exteriors decked out in Natural Stone

Be inspired with limestones and sandstones
  • Inalterable colours that last over time

  • Simple care and maintenance

  • Resistance to fire and heat

All the advantages of limestones and sandstones

All applications of limestones and sandstones

These natural stones stand out for their porosity, which gives them non-slip properties. Their chromatic variety also allows them to adapt to very different projects.

Limestones and sandstones and their applications


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