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    Blanco Berrocal and Blanco Salinas
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AXA Assurances Luxembourg

The presence of luminous granite succeeds in turning a construction into the protagonist of the urban architecture. This is demonstrated by the AXA Assurances Luxembourg, an icon situated in the very heart of the city.

Straight-lined and functional, the offices of this AXA Assurances Luxembourg come to life on the street thanks to the bold cladding combinations on their facades. The front corner clothes its inspired neo-gothic-contemporary style in reflecting glass; at the same time, the excessive character of this audacious build is countered by the Blanco Berrocal and Blanco Salinas granites that clad the other part of the building.
The two proposals are thus as different as they are complementary; they come together to create a building destined to become a point of architectural interest in the city in terms of contemporary urban planning. The granites bring their clarity and elegance to the facade while constituting the perfect external cladding. The pollution, erosion and low temperatures of the exterior do not dent their resplendent white texture, created by nature to always remain beautiful. Combining two light tones with subtle chromatic differences, the project ultimately evades any kind of monotony.

  • Elegance with a differentiating touch. The facades of AXA Assurance Luxembourg are a sum of wise moves


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