• Location

    Brussels, Belgium
  • Product

    Negro Zimbabwe
  • Architect

    Archi 2000

Belliard 65

The newspaper Le Soir describes the renovation project for the Belliard 65 building in Brussels as one of the most important of 2015. The Negro Zimbabwe granite cladding is one of the reasons behind its success.

Serene and rational: two words that perfectly describe the beautiful architecture now displayed by this office building, located on rue Beillard 65 in Brussels. The building’s refurbishment was carried out during 2015 and became one of the city’s architectural landmarks. The beauty of the material that clads a large part of its facade, Negro Zimbabwe granite is not unrelated to this architectural success: its deep black colour with luminous glimmers reveals itself as an optimal choice that includes the nobility of Natural Stone as part of a building as discreet as it is elegant.
Like the bow of a ship, the large volume cladded in Negro Zimbabwe granite appears to cut through the waters of the city thanks to its balanced configuration. In contrast with the two strategically-located white volumes whose presence seems designed to increase the beauty and prominence of the dark stone, granite structurally renews a building that was previously anodyne and is now one of the area’s primary landmarks. A sustainable and conscientious yet still highly interesting architecture.


  • Negro Zimbabwe

    Black granite
  • The Natural Stone transforms this building into a stable and elegant project with a vocation to be timeless

  • White and black: two extreme hues that create a subtle elegance

  • Negro Zimbabwe granite is the perfect choice for urban architectures


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