Original and sintered stone for buildings and façades


The guarantee of relying on the world leader in the stone sector since 1959. A benchmark in sustainability, know-how, modernity and innovation.

We innovate by applying different treatments to outdoor stones, such as EcoUrban, especially intended for façades, which can generate a decontaminating, self-cleaning and antibacterial effect, thanks to the catalysing process that is triggered upon contact with sunlight and humidity in the environment. This creates more hygienic surfaces that are resistant both to the passage of time and to all types of climatic conditions.

Original Stone


The Levantina Group creates unique spaces where stone provides an immersive personality. Marble, Granite, Premium Tile, Limestone and Sandstone are the perfect choices thanks to the beauty and exclusivity of Original Stone, enhanced by the use of the most advanced technology in its application.

Sintered Stone

Discover the infinite possibilities offered by Sintered Stone for covering façades and buildings. The exceptional characteristics of Techlam surfaces let you bring to life surprising creations, blending dazzling aesthetics with sustainability and functionality, perfect for buildings and outdoor areas.

We offer an all-in-one service to carry out your project


At the Levantina Group, we offer comprehensive advice to help our customers execute their projects from start to finish.

We will do a preliminary analysis of the project to verify its feasibility and give you detailed information on the possible solutions we can offer you.

We carry out an exhaustive analysis, review the details and develop customised technical solutions.

We promote the design and sustainability. We present customised proposals that conform to the costs of each project, while also maximising energy efficiency.

We offer comprehensive support throughout the project execution process, from the first moment to after-sales advice.

The Levantina Group gets its materials primarily from its many quarries, which guarantees its supply and its ability to take on large-scale projects. With 8 factories strategically located around the world, backed by significant production and specialisation capabilities, we guarantee a quick response and the highest quality service.

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