Levantina Group takes the beauty of nature and exotic touches to interior HOME DECOR

The leading company in natural stone and an international benchmark in sintered stone, fills the spaces designed by Noema Estudio, Guille García-Hoz, Sandra Antón and Ximo Roca with life, with its marble, granite and porcelain tiles.

The versatility of the use of natural stone and Techlam® sintered stone coverings has defined the interiors that relied on the company's products, with worktops in exotic tones, elegant travertine marble walls, floors inspired by the warmth of the Mediterranean, or tables capable of capturing everyone's attention. Levantina Group will be part of the Mobalpa, Delafon, Estudio Sandra Antón and Anatalia spaces through 28 May, created for Casa Decor by some of the best interior designers and architects, showing the home trends that will lead the way this year.

Levantina Group again adorns the interiors of Casa Decor with its exclusive natural stone and sintered stone products, inspired by the lushness of nature and the restrained elegance of the finest materials. The company, a leader in natural stone and an international benchmark in sintered stone, takes its marbles, granites and porcelain tiles to the interiors designed by Noema Estudio, Guille García-Hoz, Sandra Antón and Ximo Roca, leaving us with some of the most prominent images from this new edition of the event.

The imagination of the participating interior design studios has brought to light the versatility of the natural stones and Techlam® sintered stone coverings developed by the firm, which are becoming distinctive elements in each space. The firm's different material lines have thus helped to create kitchen worktops with bluish tones that evoke the flow of water, luxurious bedrooms covered in travertine marble, bathrooms with floors that radiate Mediterranean warmth, and tables that capture all the attention with their suggestive combination of wood and stone.

These trends in the use of natural stone and sintered stone in interior design can be seen until 28 May in the Mobalpa, Delafon, Estudio Sandra Antón and Anatalia de Casa Decor spaces.

Mobalpa Space. An evocative space for lovers of cuisine. This kitchen, designed by Noema Studio, takes advantage of the beauty of the Tauca Worktop by Naturamia, which gives the room a unique personality with its exotic touch. In contrast, the Crema Marfil marble floor from the Mediterranean Collection brings luminosity and serenity.
This combination stresses the concept behind Mobalpa: the union of stone, wood and water to create a natural environment that harkens back to mountains and their rivers.

Jacob Delafon Space. The bathroom designed by Guillermo García-Hoz exudes a timeless modernity, thanks to the contrast between the latest trends and a very personal air of retro futurism. In this setting, the Mediterranean Stone mosaic floor reinforces the feeling of duality, irradiating calm with neutral tones, in stark contrast to the colourful bursts in the other elements. The futuristic lines and natural textures of stone mark the essence of this space.

Estudio Sandra Antón Space. Luxury and exclusivity go hand in hand in the suite of designer Sandra Antón. This space represents the front of the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, drawing inspiration from the main organ in its Symphony Hall. A composition that takes no prisoners and uses the Travetino Vallanca marble from Mediterranean Stone to cover the room. A use of marble that takes us back to the grandeur and classicism of palaces, basilicas or temples, although with an obvious modern touch.

Antalia Space. The space designed by Ximo Roca elegantly resolves the tension between aesthetics and functionality, thanks to its open concept, where black hues and wood take centre stage. Inside, the worktop created with sintered Ferox stone by Techlam® becomes the hub the room and the focus of all attention. A minimalist piece in stone and wood that fits perfectly in modern interiors, and marked by the versatile use of this material, like the one on display in the Anatalia Space.

All the spaces created for Casa Decor that feature Levantina Group products also have a low-impact commitment on the environment,
thus contributing to the #CasaDecorSostenible project. The group is committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability for all its natural and sintered stones.


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