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Services of the Levantina Group


1. Project definition and advice


With specialised professionals, we focus on helping you to optimise the process: fast budgets, management and analysis, plan creation and effective execution of architectural projects.


2. Comprehensive support from start to finish


At the Levantina Group, we offer comprehensive support from the start to the end of your project. We pride ourselves on being your partner at every stage, offering you personalised advice and solutions.


3. Control of the supply chain


We control the supply chain, from the extraction of the stones to the final distribution. Our quarries, factories and distribution centres are efficiently integrated, ensuring the quality and sustainability of each step.


4. Product and brand portfolio


From marble to the advanced properties of Techlam, our brands stand out for their excellence and versatility. Each product reflects our commitment to quality, sustainable design and modernity in the sector.


5. We guarantee the service


Our mission is to provide an exceptional quality service, offer tailor-made solutions and comprehensive support. We are committed to excellence in design and follow-up at every step.


6. Innovation and Sustainability


From cutting-edge solutions in stone design to eco-conscious practices at each stage of production, our dedication to sustainable innovation sets the standard in the industry.

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Don't miss the latest news and information on the most important events, from exclusive stone demos to participation in international fairs. Unique opportunities to connect with professionals in the sector and share in our commitment to innovation and quality.

Training courses

Discover our training courses. Our learning platform provides exclusive access to relevant content, taught by industry experts. Elevate your skills and keep up with the latest with the Levantina Group.

Exclusive materials

All our materials have been carefully selected for their exceptional elegance and quality. From unique marbles to innovative sintered stones, we invite you to explore our exclusive collection, which redefines the standard of excellence in the world of stone.


Tools designed to promote creativity and efficiency in your projects. With our range of resources, you can explore and visualise your ideas more effectively, facilitating the creative process and ensuring exceptional results.


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