Pavex, the best solution for outdoor flooring


A selection of Original Stone specially designed for urban areas, with distinctive characteristics that help care for the environment.

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Sourced from one of the largest quarries in the world, this fine material is resistant to the passage of time. With a long life, it integrates perfectly into the circular economy, since its waste is reusable.



Advantages of Pavex

High-density original stone, with a high resistance to traffic, non-slip and with a low water absorption coefficient, ideal flooring for terraces, esplanades, squares, parks or pedestrian streets. It is resistant to the passage of time, while it combats the heat island effect in cities.



With the Levantina Group warranty

The Levantina Group has been a leader in the stone sector since 1959. It controls the entire process, from extraction to distribution, to ensure the best service and the quality of its products.



Applications of Pavex

Perfect for outdoor use, whether in public works, renovations of historic works or in private projects. Get all the information on Pavex in its catalogue.





Frequently asked questions

It's the ideal stone solution for exteriors. A high-density limestone whose technical characteristics make it the ideal material for use outdoors: terrace floors, courtyard floors, floors for plazas, gardens and other outdoor spaces.

Sustainable  Pavex  flooring significantly lowers heat absorption, reducing the heat island effect and avoiding the increase in temperatures in spaces such as patios, squares, walkways and pedestrian avenues.

This stone floor has a very high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), which means it can reflect the sun's rays and stay cooler compared to lower SRI surfaces, thus contributing to the thermal comfort of pedestrians.

Pavex flooring is suitable for various environments, such as high-traffic spaces, renovations of building and historic places, and the development of public and private spaces.

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