Techlam puts upscale design, beauty and functionality on the worktops of MASTERCHEF

MasterChef renews its kitchens for its 11th series, committing to the technical advances and elegance of Techlam®, the sintered stone company of the Levantina Group.
The candidates will cook on a Techlam® Basic Black surface, a sintered stone, low thickness worktop that is resistant to scratches, high temperatures and chemical products.

The Levantina Group became the first firm to develop and launch cladding for sintered stone kitchens, an evolution of porcelain created with totally natural components like quartz and granite.

The candidates in the upcoming MasterChef 11 will showcase their skills in a renewed kitchen, designed to stand up to the heat, and marked by the elegance of black. The culinary talent that is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10:05 pm on channel 1 opted for Techlam®, the sintered stone of the Levantina Group, for new countertops on which the contestants will prepare their dishes, choosing the Basic Black cladding of the Basic Collection.

The choice of this innovative cladding for the new edition of MasterChef, which is more demanding and where the number of kitchen stands doubles to accommodate the 30 candidates, sought to strike a balance between a clean and minimalist aesthetic and the functionality required to work in haute cuisine. This combination was made possible thanks to the properties of Techlam®, a sintered stone surface characterised by its low thickness and properties such as high resistance to scratches, high temperatures and chemical products, as well as being a more hygienic surface thanks to the absence of pores and joints.

“Our kitchen worktops are specially designed to combine two basic concepts in design and decoration: beauty and functionality. Beauty because thanks to our innovative technology and experience with sintered stone, we are able to achieve unique finishes for the most elegant environments, and functionality because that same technology protects it against possible wear that could result from scratches, burns, etc. In short, these are worktops made to be enjoyed when looking at them and using them", says Jose Manuel Herraiz, Managing Director of Techlam®.

The Basic Black surface is the most restrained and timeless option in the Basic Collection of Techlam®, a collection designed to adorn any kitchen with a modern design that caters to any aesthetic possibility, from the minimalism of pure blacks and whites, to warm cappuccino tones and the urban style of anthracite grey. The colour versatility of this collection, together with the large size and low thickness of its pieces, also makes it possible to be applied to floors, walls, furniture and façades, which allows both designers and fans of interior decoration to imagine their own personality without forgetting functionality.

The Levantina Group became the first firm to develop and launch surfaces for sintered stone kitchens, an evolution of porcelain created exclusively with natural components such as quartz, granite or silica. Thanks to this innovation, Techlam® has become one of the most sought-after surfaces by architects and interior designers for creating unique environments in all types of spaces.

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