Green walls to absorb atmospheric pollution, the new initiative of the Levantina Group

The company is committed to EcoUrban, a revolutionary treatment for natural and sintered stone surfaces with a self-cleaning, decontaminating and antibacterial capacity, which is activated when exposed to sunlight and moisture in the environment.


- This treatment removes pollution particles and ensures that the façade of a 5,000 m2 building cleans the air in a similar way to a forest with 300 trees.

- The Levantina Group will present EcoUrban for the first time at the new edition of Rebuild, the largest event in innovation for building and sustainable construction models, to be held in Madrid between 28 and 30 March.

- The firm will also showcase its latest launches at Rebuild, such as its Mediterranean Stone Collection line of sustainable natural stone for exteriors, inspired by the quality and tones of Mediterranean architecture.


The Levantina Group focuses on innovation for sustainable construction with its latest launch, EcoUrban, a treatment that can be applied to all façades with natural stone and Techlam® sintered stone, and which can clean the air by imitating how forested areas absorb polluting gases. EcoUrban has been designed to spread easily over the treated surface, constantly working when exposed to sunlight and moisture in the environment to break down harmful particles present in the atmosphere.

This treatment for natural and sintered stone cladding developed by the company thus aims to extend green façades in cities and urban environments, turning buildings into allies to eliminate gases and elements that have a high impact on the environment and human health, such as CO2, NO2, ozone or fine particles emitted from combustion processes. Thanks to the photochemical reaction triggered by this product, known as photocatalysis, a 5,000 m2 façade can clean as much air every year as a forest of 300 trees, thanks to a continuous process of breaking down polluting particles.

In addition to this decontaminating effect, EcoUrban also has antibacterial and self-cleaning properties, which the firm hopes will boost its adoption in public spaces, both in new works and to improve the conservation of existing buildings. This treatment seeks to ensure that sustainability and aesthetics go hand in hand, making it an effective solution against ageing buildings and the deterioration of their surfaces.

"Thanks to the photocatalytic properties of EcoUrban, dirt adheres less to the surface, it detaches easily and is eliminated naturally by the runoff effect of the rain, which is made possible by the super hydrophilic property of the product. The composition of this coating also prevents the proliferation of stains and unpleasant odours caused by microorganisms, mould and algae. In short, this coating has a triple objective: cleaner, healthier and better-preserved cities”, explains Lorena Solar, Director of R&D and Sustainability at the Levantina Group.




Rebuild 2023, a space for sustainable construction

The latest developments of the Levantina Group will be presented during Rebuild, the largest event in innovation for building and construction, to be held in Madrid between 28 and 30 March. Now a key event for the sector, Rebuild has cemented itself as the only forum that specialises in promoting and shifting construction towards industrialisation, sustainability and digitisation.

The firm will also attend this event with its latest collection of natural stone, Mediterranean Stone, a line of sustainable stone for exteriors that is 100% recyclable and produced with fully renewable energy and reused water. “We sought out a line of natural stone inspired by the warmth and tones of Mediterranean architecture, but also by the construction properties of the region. This is a selection of marbles and limestones in slab format that stands out for its low porosity, water absorption capacity, and resistance to impacts and high temperatures, which are also highly durable”, says Sebastián Fullana, Executive Director of Architectural Projects in the Levantina Group.

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